This book is a true account of the unusual happenings that have occurred in my life and that of my immediate family. Over a long period they interrelated with each other to produce evidence of earth energies, reincarnation, inter dimensional communicated wisdom and the need for the rescue of damaged souls in limbo. I think even the most hardened cynic would find it difficult to scorn or reject the whole of my story. There would seem to be so much to lose and so little to gain by doing so.

A part of this story, and the events it covers, took place in a very old thatched cottage in a Dorset village. Our move to this very particular spot was foretold by a number of independent sources. The purpose behind our return, as it turned out to be, became known to us – but only after many difficulties.

The story also describes my relationship with a Dorset country parson in a life some four hundred years ago. The Reverend William Thomas has much to say that can help us greatly in coping with the pressures and influences of life today and that is one reason why this inter dimensional friendship was re-kindled.

Psychic phenomenon was also experienced when I went to live with my family in other locations in Wessex and I now began to understand that my life, this time around, was about unfinished business from past lives and I appeared to find myself involved in the phenomenon of group reincarnation.

I have met and made many good friends over the period of time when these events took place. Without their support and encouragement this book would not have been written. They have offered me practical assistance and most of all they have worked alongside me as I have tried to unravel the mystery that has unfolded. The experiences, which I and my family have undergone, as a result of the events I am going to describe, have sometimes been very hard. Deep discussion and careful examination of the facts, as they were revealed, made it apparent to us all that the events that took place were more than strange coincidences. They hold a deep and universal significance for all of us. I have been able to prove the validity of some of the psychic information received by searching through historic records.

Brushes with the authority of the Church, the Banking System, Legal Profession, Education and Medical Professions are a part of my story of struggle to find personal authenticity. And I offer the suggestion that in the Aquarian Age, each one of us, needs to seek the knowledge of our own reality. It is through this Gnosis that we will be able to cope with the dangerous tendencies and detrimental influences that are beginning to pile up on the horizons of the future.


I was delighted to be given the opportunity to write a few lines about this unusual book. I met the author, Josephine Sellers, many years ago at a talk she was giving about her strange life experiences. Since then I have had many dealings with the Sellers family and we have become good friends. I have followed their adventures with great interest. Their integrity is beyond question. This is important to know because the story that unfolds in this book might be considered, by some, to be unbelievable.

Josephine recounts their tale with frank innocence. Gradually, she and her husband Brian begin to understand the significance of the task they have agreed to undertake. Their initial reluctance, to be swayed by the information ‘channelled’ to them by Yesterday’s People, is understandable. Then, as their difficult circumstances intensify they need all the help they can get and begin to trust the guidance they received from various ethereal quarters. The lessons they learn apply to us all.

Life is not easy for the Sellers family but I leave Josephine to tell their story.

– Foreword to Parallel Worlds by Barrie Anson, Homoeopath & Author