In Parallel Worlds Josephine Sellers demonstrates, whilst living through the most difficult and painful of circumstances, the value in remaining steadfast to one’s deepest soulful connections. Throughout this engaging autobiographical account, Josephine stays true to herself and finds her trust is rewarded, not in some distant heaven, but in the nitty-gritty of everyday life.

Will Parfitt – Author of Psychosynthesis: The Elements and Beyond

Anyone who has experienced the unfamiliar or unexplainable in their lives, whether on a personal or at a group level, will immediately feel a kinship with Josephine;s story. We can choose to dismiss and rationalise using objectivity and subjectivity or we may also use our intuition and instinct to reveal our truth.

Ian Thorp – Transpersonal Psychotherapist, Trainer and Supervisor

Parallel Worlds is a cantering spiritual autobiography that reminded me of the episodic adventuring of a Henry Fielding that had his reader hungry for more after each turn of the page. Josephine Sellers has showed considerable courage in publishing what to the worldly reader is still beneath their level of awareness, but her wisdom, knowledge and sensitivity spring forth from every paragraph and I am left in no doubt to the veracity of her claims. Having worked in the arena of past lives and relationships, I understand Jo’s book is also supported by a genuine soul love between her and husband Brian, which is clearly the coming together of two for divine purpose. Such an occurrence is so rare and gifted only when two are ready to fulfill their spiritual destiny that I would urge any reader to sit up and take notice of what is said within these pages. The land holds resonance, past lives are real. Jo is a true pioneer, although like many she may have the dubious privilege of waiting for yet another lifetime for mainstream society to recognise what she has so lovingly brought to our attention.

Simon Heathcote, SoulVision

Reading the book makes one realise that anything and everything is possible with the afterlife even many centuries ago.Parallel Worlds opens the door to fascinating possibilities and first hand experiences. Josephine Sellers holds the key. I am feeling quite tired this morning, started reading the book last night and couldn’t put it down.

Philip Jay, Gulf Radio Services

In our time new understanding floods in showing how closely our lives are interwoven and linked with the invisible realms of spirit and being. Here is a true story of one woman’s experience which will help many to a deeper vision. It is vividly written read it and enjoy it.

Sir George Trevelyan (written in 1989 by Sir George Trevelyan for the First Edition)

If you have ever wondered what its like to be psychic or to have the ability to communicate with people who have passed over, this true story of Josephines life is super interesting! This easy to read book is about her life and when her gifts started to develop and how she learnt to make them much more accurate.

I really enjoyed reading this, and found some of the things she wrote absolutely amazing! Undeniably connected to higher powers and she offers many interesting and important bits of information that is for the better good of this planet.

If books like this are your thing, you will really enjoy it!

Anna Rodgers