Josephine is involved in numerous ways, helping others to come to terms with their pasts and develop positive futures.

This work includes:

  • An Integrative/Transpersonal Counsellor at Wessex Aquarian
  • An Integrative/Transpersonal Counsellor, specialising in Equine Assisted Psychotherapy.

Transpersonal Counselling is therapy which recognises people comprise a spiritual presence as well as mental and physical qualities. So the counselling honours the whole core of the person which includes this spiritual presence or higher self.

My role is to provide a safe space where you can go beyond immediate symptoms and problems to recognise original causes and help to prevent the same negative patterns happening over and over again.

I don’t try to sort out your problems or make decisions for you. Once people understand themselves better they have much greater clarity plus the power and freedom to make their own choices and exercise their own will.

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy is a field of psychotherapy in which horses are worked, in a therapeutic partnership with a counsellor/psychotherapist, to help emotional growth and learning in the client.